Perth Northern suburbs Music lessons for various instruments, Saxophone lessons, flute lessons, fife lessons, clarinet lessons, guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, electric guitar lessons, drum lessons, percussion lessons, voice lessons, vocal lessons, mum 'n' bubs classes, music and movement classes, group classes, individual classes, remote classes, skype lessons, band lessons. Experienced music teachers, who teach Jazz, contemporary, classical styles. We do concerts every semester, in a performing arts theatre, students learning in a fun and exciting environment, All teachers have a degree in teaching and qualifications, many years of experience, worked for the education department.

Want your own personalised lesson?

We offer lessons catered to the individual so whether you want vocal and keyboard lessons or even a taster of them all to see what you prefer we are happy to accommodate our clients needs.

We all know how much music lessons can cost but imagine having quality, fun music lessons for an affordable price!


At Making Mini Music we offer lessons for all ages and abilities and located in a Wangara. We also offer a range of classes and instruments. You can choose from Individual lessons where the student receives one on one tuition or group classes where the student can learn with up to 6 people. For our group lessons we offer vocal, keyboard, drums and guitar classes and options of other instruments depending on demand. These lessons can be offered to any age. There are also Band classes where you and a group of musicians learn how to be a band and Music and Mobile music classes!

Our staff are extremely qualified and as a result we can offer vocals, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, piano and drums. Our very versatile staff can also teach a range of styles including Jazz, Classical and Modern styles of music to cater for all our student needs. 

Every semester we perform a concert for family and friends which gives all the students the opportunity to improve their confidence and performance skills as well as the audience a chance to see all of their hard work over the semester. 

At Making Mini Music we endeavour to have fun while learning and always welcome new student's with open arms.