1.Lesson cancellation:

We require at least 24 hours’ notice if a lesson needs to be cancelled, a child is sick or if you cannot make the lesson. If the correct notice is given we will organise a make-up lesson within that week as an alternative to their missed lesson. If child cannot make the arranged make-up lesson time then that lesson will be classed as missed. Group lessons cannot be credited or made-up as there are too many students to co-ordinate and the fees are already at a reduced rate. However work can be provided for the child to catch up on work that is missed.


If you do not wish to continue lessons please let us know before the end of term and we will not book the student in for the following term. We will require students to complete each terms lessons.


We welcome parents and siblings to come and wait for the students during their lesson however our insurances do not cover anyone but the student so parents will need to fully supervise additional siblings and children and tidy up any toys/books they have played with as a courtesy. Parents are also welcome to drop off their children and pick them up after their lesson however please be prompt as the students will not be supervised outside their lesson times as all staff will be teaching.


Students are required to bring all the equipment on their information list and are responsible for their own equipment as our insurances do not cover damage or loss. This can be put on your own home insurance policy for outside use if you wish to do so.


We constantly reward students for positive behaviour and students will be given prizes at the end of each term for incentives for practice, organisation, attitude and effort. Tickets will be given each week and then a student of the month will be drawn and given a prize.

6.Teacher make-up lessons:

If a teacher is sick we will make up a lesson that week or Kate will organise it in school holidays and clients will be given at least two weeks’ notice.


Timetables are subject to change depending on teacher availability and lesson availability. Group lessons are organised on a first come first served basis and individual lessons can be organised to suit both teacher and student. 

8.No administration Fee but GST is payable:

Making Mini Music formally charged a $5 administration fee to cover internet usage, photo copying, practice diaries and other music for our students to use however we now have to charge GST so have waived this cost.


If children are being disruptive or destructive we will use a three step process to help the child towards a positive resolution.

1. We will give the child a warning.

2. We will write their name on the board.

3. We will give the student a 5 minute time out with another teacher.

4. Exclude the child from the remainder of the lesson if the parent is on the premises to supervise or if parent is not on site then we will contact the parent to come and pick up their child.

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